Are you looking to improve your golf game?

Quartell Chiropractic is here to help you! Dr. David Quartell is TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified. The TPI has been educating people around the world to improve one of the most popular sports in the nation, Golf. They provide seminar and training for most professional players our there today.

There are various ways of improving your golf game.

First is your Swing. Through various video analysis and evaluations we help you understand the bio-mechanics of each swing and your efficiency as a player.

Second we help you stay on top of your game with Golf Fitness. Dr. David will cover everything from strength training, stability, and cardio to keep your body in shape to improve your swing.

Last but not least is Health and Nutrition. Staying healthy ties hand in hand with how well you preform. Eating right, skin care, vision, medical ailments and injuries all can effect your every move. Here we give you the advice and education you need to keep you healthy, at any age!

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