We’ve all heard that we should be eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids or taking a supplement. It is very important to understand what we put into our bodies and the effects those substances have. So what are omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential to our health. Our bodies don’t produce omega-3 fatty acids naturally, they are found in seafood and some plant based foods, and they are rich in two fatty acids, DHA and EPA. These two fatty acids are pivotal in preventing heart disease, stroke cancer, and many other diseases. Your brain is also highly dependent on DHA — low DHA levels have been linked to depression, schizophrenia, memory loss, and a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

omega 3

New studies are finding that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of inflammation of the tissue and orangs, which can cause chronic diseases like inflammatory bowel disease. Reducing tissue inflammation can also reduce the appearance of aging. Premature birth, low birth weight, and hyperactivity in children have also been linked to an inadequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids in pregnant women and young children.

While seafood consumption can provide Omega-3 fatty acids, seafood frequently can be polluted with mercury and other toxic substances. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in plant based foods like hemp, flax, and chia. Those plant based foods, however, are rich in ALA, which is more difficult for the body to convert to the more valuable DHA and EPA.

Taking a daily supplement is the most effective way to ensure sufficient Omega-3 fatty acid absorption. One of the best supplements on the market today is Ocean Blue Omega-3, because it is “super concentrated” fish oil and offers the highest combination of DHA and EPA on the market. Find out more about Ocean Blue products and where to purchase them here https://www.oceanblueprofessional.com/.

Omega-3 is best when consumed over a number of years. So don’t wait for a health condition to develop, start incorporating omega-3 fatty acids into your daily regimen today!