Laser Lipo Body Sculpting Procedures

Before & After SculptureWe want to make sure your experience with us is the best so we want to share with you some of the procedures of what will happen on your visit.


Upon entering our office we ask that all patients check in at the front desk with one of our staff members. If it is your first visit we will provide you with the proper forms to fill out.


All new patients will be required to meet with the doctor. Your forms will be reviewed and any questions that need to be answered can be asked at this time.

Before you start your treatment we will take 2 photos (front and side view) to track your progress and also your measurements to record the inches you lose though out your treatment.

What to Wear

Women please wear a sports bra and brief-style panties. Preferably a sports bra with spandex in it and no thongs please. A loose fitting t-shirt works great and guys, PLEASE wear underwear with spandex as well. To make it simple LOOSE FIT AND STRETCHY!


For best results please SHOWER before each treatment and do not apply lotions or oils. Clean fresh skin allows for the best transmission of the laser.

Whole Body Vibration Treatment

We offer whole body vibration(WBV) add-on to the Lipo Laser at no additional charge. Whole body vibration is used to activate your lymphatic system and aides your body in the processing of the fatty acids and toxins. We encourage using this machine for 10 minutes after your treatment.


In addition, we highly recommend that you plan on scheduling 30 minutes for exercise with in two hours of your treatment. This will also aide in the elimination process and ensure your get the best results possible form your treatment. We have cardio equipment in the office you may use at no additional charge.

Diet and Nutritional Guidelines

Please do NOT eat for 2 hours prior to your treatment and do NOT eat for 2 hours after your treatment. During your session package we would like to to recommend a high protein, low carb diet with veggies and limited fruit. Proper hydration is very important. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is extremely important with the flushing of fatty acids and toxins.

If you have any further questions please call us at 561-625-5556